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Domestic Plant Names Issue At The Intersection Of Philology And Botanical Fields

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Title: Domestic Plant Names Issue At The Intersection Of Philology And Botanical Fields
Author: Şahin, İbrahim
Abstract: Domestic (in colloquial language) plant names is one of the important richness of Turkish language as a name category. The mentioned richness is not compiled, researched and presented to the public by preparing its dictionary because both there isn’t any theoretical framework for this name category in Turkish linguistics and Turkish linguistics rather has text-based point of view. Although this unclaimed name category came to the fore from time to time in various studies (especially term studies) performed by various science fields such as botanical, pharmaceutics, forestry and agriculture, it is seen that these researches are far from meeting the needs of the public and the scientific world. Domestic plant names that need to be dealt with under plant names branch of onomasiology first has to be researched within the frame of structure, meaning and naming tradition by compiling systematically then has to be converted to the dictionaries that can respond to the needs of the people. The studies to be conducted with this understanding will be able to contribute to the standardization of plant names and solve communication problems arising from being called with different names.
Date: 2016-06-15

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