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Proper Nouns In Kutadgu Bilig

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Title: Proper Nouns In Kutadgu Bilig
Author: Ergene, Oğuz
Abstract: Kutadgu Bilig has a rich vocabulary and proper nouns comprise one part of this vocabulary. When proper nouns that writers include for a variety of reasons in context of text are examined it seen that lots of words from different groups are used with changeable forms according to fluxional frequencies and manuscripts. Among the examples within this scope in addition to main and supporting characters in composition, personal names related to variety of emperor, prophets, khalifa, scholar, legendary hero etc.; names of place used for city, country, region; names of planet, star, horoscope; names of tribe, nation, clan; names of manuscripts; names of languages; names of religion and sect in addition to words used for the members of those plus especially about God and Islam prophets there are some words and word groups describing proper nouns. In this study, proper nouns and words functioning as proper nouns in Kutadgu Bilig are identified and classified; also it is discoursed about concepts describing these words, forms in different copies, frequency of occurrence, determinant attributes , functions and variety qualities contributing to text. Additionally, it is viewed the specified examples’ bindings between the topic in the text and cultural setting that the text has arisen. Variety of semantic, structural and functional qualities of proper nouns has been found out in this study
Date: 2017-01-18

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