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Platon’un Düşüncesindeahlaki Değerlerin Ruhla Olan İlişkis

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Title: Platon’un Düşüncesindeahlaki Değerlerin Ruhla Olan İlişkis
Author: Can, Mücella
Abstract: In this study, Plato's thoughts on the ontological and epistemological basis of moral values are examined. One of the most important problems of philosophy is the value problem. Since the value belongs to the field of exist-ence, it cannot have value for what does not exist. Value is primarily based on the detection of an asset and can only be grasped by intuition. According to Socrates, who says values are values, independent of the personal feelings and tendencies, values have objective being. Plato, who defends the same idea with great determination, claims that all values, especially moral values, are independent and absolute true or false. Plato has been the sustainer of the eudaimonist ethic of Socrates, his teacher. As in Socrates, the ultimate goal of human life in Plato is happiness. Plato says that man can achieve a goal called happiness by leading a virtuous life. Therefore, he believed that it was necessary to close the fundamental deficiencies of Socrates by preservingthe essence of its ethics.
Description: Article
Date: 2018-12

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