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Özbek Türkçesinde Yer Alan “Nafaqat” Yapısının Türkiye Türkçesine Aktarımı

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Title: Özbek Türkçesinde Yer Alan “Nafaqat” Yapısının Türkiye Türkçesine Aktarımı
Author: Ildırı, Nursan
Abstract: “Nafaqat”, which is frequently used in the Uzbek Turkish language known as a member of the South-East group of Turkish dialects, means "only, just" in Turkish in various Uzbek dictionaries. However, when examining the sentences of this construction, it turns out that this structure is used in the function of the opposition, the expression "not" and in the second sen-tence, headings such as the "even, at the same time" must also be used in or-der to ensure the integrity of the meaning. This structure expressed in Uzbek Turkish grammar as "yuklama" is included in the Uzbek Turkish grammar in Turkey. However, it is obvious that it undertakes a grammatical task in the meaning it has. In this article, the use of "nafaqat" prepositions on the basis of their constituent elements, their uses in historical and contemporary Tur-kish dialects, from the examples reached, the transfers of the expressions pas-sed bythis structure are given and that this structure is a unified preposition which is used with the function of opposition is presented to the attention.
Description: Article
Date: 2018-12

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