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Severuslar Dönemi Kadın Portreleri

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Title: Severuslar Dönemi Kadın Portreleri
Author: Altun, Özge
Abstract: When we look at the history of Roman Empire, it is seen that social, economic and political crises have increased gradually in the period of Severus. The crisis of the 3rd century after the Severus Period is also the best indicator of this situation. In the Severus Women Portraits, which constitute the subject of the article, the effects of the confusion experienced in the empi-re on the portrait style and the characteristics of the style that were created as a result were tried to be determined. In addition, Severus style of female port-raits and characteristic features that can be used in identification of portraits of important personalities are tried to be determined. In the article, the most prominent and known women (empresses) and their portrait samples of Se-verus Period are described in chronological order. Civilian portraits are eva-luated after the Augustas. The results are discussed as a whole in the overall assessment.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06

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