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El Yazma Seçki Örneği Olarak Beyaz-I Hāzık

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Title: El Yazma Seçki Örneği Olarak Beyaz-I Hāzık
Author: Kızıltunç, Recai
Abstract: Terminologically Beyazcılık is the name of the anthology tradition in Central Asian Literature from XV. centuries. The works named Beyaz was consist of classical literatüre poems at first.Later, the poems of local poets were added and their contents were expanded. Those who prepare these works may be poets or clerks or members of different professions. In fact, af-ter the XVIII century, theywere reproduced as printed. So there are a wide variety of beyaz specimens. Among these, the most common beyaz sample is mixed beyaz. Beyāz-ı Hāzık is one of the mixed whites prepared in the XVII. cen-tury. In the manuscript, besides Persian and Turkish classical poets, there are pieces belonging to various religious sciences, anstration and astrology, his-tory and other subjects. The poems in the manuscript mostly belong to Sebk-i Hindī. However, as in many other beyaz, this collection is decorated with the poems of Abdurhman Camī, Ali Şīr Nevaī and Fuzulī.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06

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