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Evhadüddîn-İ Merâgî’nin Gazellerinde Telmîh

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Title: Evhadüddîn-İ Merâgî’nin Gazellerinde Telmîh
Author: Gökhan, Asuman; Uzunoğlu Sayın, Esengül
Abstract: Evhaduddın Meragi who lived in the eighth century Hijri, is one of the famous scholars, mystic and poets of Persian literature. There is not enough information about his life. As understood from the sources and his poetry, he is from Isfahan. After completing his first education at Meraga, starting from Kirman, he has travelledto many places such as Isfahan, Irak, Baghdat, Hemedan, Dımashq; he often mentioned these places in his poems. After his travels, he returned to Merage, where he stays alone and engages in prayer. The poet who used the Evhadi nickname in his poems has written works such as Dîvân, Mantık al-usshak/Dehnameve Cam-ı Cem. Evhadud-din Meragı who has got a pure and fluent style, sang around fifteen thousand couplets by making use of different types of verse.The study was made by using the study named Evhaduddin Meragi and Analysis of His Ghazal’s (Phd Thesis). The Divan of Evhaduddin Meragi by Emir Ahmed Eşrefî was based on the Diwan, which was published under the name of Diwan Evhadî Meragi(Tehran 1362 hş.). After some infor-mation about Evhaduddin Meragi’s life was given, the art of telmîhhas been analysed with his most outstanding examples of ghazel, page and couplet numbers have been given at the end of couplets.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06

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