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B. Posternak’ın Şiirlerinde Zaman Kavramı

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Title: B. Posternak’ın Şiirlerinde Zaman Kavramı
Author: Ramazanov, Sevindj; Dzhındzholıa, Gigla
Abstract: The article deals with figurative means (metaphor, comparison, par-aphrase) expressing the concept of time. The names of time and their figura-tive parallels in different periods of the works of B. Pasternak do not coin-cide. Some names go through all of his work (night, dawn, day,time, etc.), others are characteristic of one or another period. The main trend is the ex-tension of time, the movement from small intervals of time to large ones. Thinking through centuries and eternity is characteristic of the poetic vision of B. Pasternak.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06

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