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Post-Method Pedagogy from the Perspectives of Post-Method Indicators: A Case Study of a Turkish State University

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Title: Post-Method Pedagogy from the Perspectives of Post-Method Indicators: A Case Study of a Turkish State University
Author: Gökmen, Muhammed Fatih
Abstract: Purpose: The objective of this dissertation is to holistically explore post-method pedagogy by conflating written favouring and disfavouring evidence in literature and perspectives of shareholders of language education such as prospective and practising teachers, and teacher educator in the case of the methods-based course in the setting of English language teacher education program (ELTE) of a state university. Method: Case study was employed to explore the phenomenon. Questionnaire to prospective teachers, reflection papers from practising teachers, and interviews with a teacher educator were utilized to gather data. The data extracted from these tools were analysed under the informant groups according to the descriptive statistics for quantitative tools and content analysis for qualitative instruments concerted in line with the pre-set themes from the relevant literature. Findings: The principal finding is that the informants do not literally hold any post-method concept in their minds, yet it can be conjectured that the inherent cognition and the relevant practice of the informants are in line with the post-method pedagogic principles and parameters apart from a number of pedagogic exceptions as the light-tenure of technology and teacher research which are the assumptions ingrained within the several post-method frameworks. Results: As the nature of a qualitative research cannot be isolated from the researcher’s discretion, the researcher’s proposed approach as a post-method pedagogy and as an upshot of the current study is teacher-centred, learning-based, and learner-oriented under the framework of parameters as particularity, practicality, and possibility. Educational suggestions for language teachers, teacher educators, and researchers of language education were also presented.
Date: 2018-10-26

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