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A Research On The E-Maıl Wrıtıng Skılls Of Turkısh Educatıon Department Students

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Title: A Research On The E-Maıl Wrıtıng Skılls Of Turkısh Educatıon Department Students
Author: Akçay, Ahmet; Çelik, Hande
Abstract: With the rapid development of technology in our age, diversity in ways of communication has increased. Today, one of the fastest means of communication is e-mail. It is a system that enables to send a lot of different materials such as text, document, picture, sound or video. In this study, it was tried to determine the mistakes of the students in sending e-mails and the deficiencies in writing e-mails by examining the e-mails of the university students who are expected to be technological literate for the teaching task they will undertake in the future. The research is a descriptive case study in which the emails sent by the students are examined. 76 students studying in the Department of Turkish Language Education in Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University and taking the course "Instructional Technology and Material Design" were selected as the study group. In the study, the data were collected with document analysis. Percentage and frequency values were used in the analysis of the data. As a result of the research; it has been revealed that students studying in Turkish Language Education Department behave in a sloppy manner when writing an e-mail, without paying attention to the components that constitute the e-mail.
Description: Article
Date: 2017-12-31

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