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Köy Seyirlik Oyunları’nın Yapısal Özellikleri

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Title: Köy Seyirlik Oyunları’nın Yapısal Özellikleri
Author: İÇYAR, Cem
Abstract: The art of theatre which has been supporting the human life since the existance of monkind, has continued to montain this support. The theatre that has mony kinds of it, has been leading the societies on the world. İt is shoped according to vital truths. İt leads the way to the society by taking the necessities of the age into consideation and using belief, tradition, cilimate conditions and geogrophic features as stuff. The theatrical village plays whose existance go back a long way are one of the most important theatre types that have survied until today. The theatrrical village plays reaching the present day from the period of polytheistic religions, are the dramatic forms of rituals composed by villagers to increase plentifulness both agriculture and stockbreeding scobe. The villaggers anticipate that God and Godnesses will fecundate them when they act these rituals. The technical features of the theatrical village plays can be collected under the same title. These are the structure of the texts, the acting of playsproducer the play area, stoge factors, music and dance.The performersof the plays are not professionel. The theatrrical village plays are acted on an area in the village, in a village house or in a suitable place in front of the oudience.According to the conditions of the period, simple costumes and accessaries are used. Wearing an exaggerated make up, the performers front the audience with primitive but pratical methods. These plays use the music and dance efficiently and they contain the dramatic notions in.
Date: 2016-12-29

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