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Hz. Osman’ın Ammâr b. Yâsir’i Cezalandırdığına Dair Rivayetlerin Belâzürî Özelinde Tahlil ve Tenkidi

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Title: Hz. Osman’ın Ammâr b. Yâsir’i Cezalandırdığına Dair Rivayetlerin Belâzürî Özelinde Tahlil ve Tenkidi
Author: Altun, İsmail
Abstract: There are many narratives mentioned in Islamic historical sources concerning the happenings among the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet PBUH). However, experts of this field are well aware of the fact that those narratives are not altogether authentic. Therefore, for such historical narratives it is necessary to be analyzed, reviewed and criticized. Because, our thoughts and opinions about the Sahabah will determine our understanding of Islamic sources, concepts and institutions, -primarily understanding the Quran-, and also will directly affect our perception of the religion. Therefore, what is incumbent on the researchers is to determine the authenticity of the narratives regarding the Sahabah and to make true evaluations in the light of those authentic narratives. This study aims at critically examining and evaluating the text and chain of narrators of the narratives collected by the early Islamic era historian Balādhurī regarding some traditions about Ammār b. Yāsir (one of the prominent figures of the Sahabah) and especially the attitude exhibited by the Caliph Uthman towards him. In this regard, readers are being warned that some of the narratives stating that the Caliph Uthman beat Ammār or wanted to exile him from Madinah, have missing chains of narrators and some are unauthentic in terms of chain of narrators and were more narrated by Shiite sources. The mentioned narrations are in conflict with each other also in terms of content and they are disputable, and they can be criticized; thus, comments made on those defective narratives do not depend on sound evidence, but rather rely on some incorrect assertions. Our purpose is to facilitate making more precise and realistic evaluations on the attitudes of the Sahabah towards each other, and to lead to a healthier analysis of cause and effect relations concerning the problems encountered in that Islamic society.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06-30

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