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“Romantik İslam’dan İslami Romantizme”: İslamcı Popüler Kültürün Değişen Panoraması

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Title: “Romantik İslam’dan İslami Romantizme”: İslamcı Popüler Kültürün Değişen Panoraması
Author: Macit, Mustafa
Abstract: This study is inspired by the observation of the changing panorama of Islamist popular culture from romantic Islam to Islamic romanticism in Turkey and its aim is to make a panoramic sociology of this change by a qualitative comparative case analysis method. In the first part of this study we have tried to combine the horizontal/side-by-side squares of romantic Islam at the theoretical level, in the second part to combine the horizontal/side-by-side squares of Islamic romanticism obtained from an (n)ethnographic research that intended for discovering the place of it both in the social media and in the world of the selected examples from the Faculty of Theology students. Then, we intend to discuss a panoramic sociological assessment of the change by combining and comparing vertical/overlapping squares of romantic Islam and Islamic romanticism. The general result obtained this evaluation that the common theme is love, in both vertical/overlapping and horizontal side-by-side views of both phenomena. In the early days of romantic Islam, the love gained meaning as metaphorical representation of overcoming the dichotomy that experienced in the face of modernity; as for the 1990’s it transformed into an instrument of the individualization of Muslim person. In Islamic romanticism, it was Islamized by halal stamping and has pledged Islamist popular reality.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06-30

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