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Mevlânâ Konulu Romanlarda İçerik ve Tasarım İlişkisinin Sosyolojik Analizi

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Title: Mevlânâ Konulu Romanlarda İçerik ve Tasarım İlişkisinin Sosyolojik Analizi
Author: Özdoğan, Muhammet Ali
Abstract: Publishing sector has gained a new appearance depending on developing techniques and technological opportunities. The number and the genre of books have been increasing. Distribution, advertisement and design significantly affect a book to be demanded at least as much as its content. However, design of a book isn’t independent from its content. It is encountered that the novels about Mewlana, discussed in this article, has the same design lines with the popular novels. These lines whose function is to operate the communication among the author, the work and the reader have symbolic meanings. As these works have a religious appearance as content, there are numerous abstract expressions in them. Especially it can be uttered that Mewlana’s pluralist meaning especially in our society lead authors intentionally or not to a meaning pool. Particularly the structure of Sufism built by symbolic patterns affects these kinds of books symbolically and structurally. The cover of the books that are designed as trailers of them which display a prismatic appearance. It is focused on how rules of a book design are associated with popular culture dynamics in order to clarify the result. Accordingly, the answers of some questions such as how the design of a book determine the content and to what extend spirituality turns into popularity have been investigated. To find these answers, literature search and Foucauldian discourse analysis methods have been applied.
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06-30

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