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Trabzonlu Mehmed Ma‘rûf ve ‘Şerh-i Kasîdetu't-Tâ’iyye’ Adlı Eseri

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Title: Trabzonlu Mehmed Ma‘rûf ve ‘Şerh-i Kasîdetu't-Tâ’iyye’ Adlı Eseri
Author: Alzyout, Hassan Abdallah
Abstract: There are longstanding and rooted relations between Classical Turkish literature and Arabic literature. One of the cases to show this is the fact that many qasidahs were the source of sharhs in Turkish. The Turkish literature has so many qasidahs explained from Arabic language as sharhs; such as: “Bānet Su‘ād" by Ka‘b b. Zuheir, "al-Munfarijah" for Ibn al-Naḥwī, "al-Burda" for al-Būṣīrī. This obviously indicates the deep relation between the Arabic and the Turkish literature. The first commentary was for the poem "al-Tā’iyyah al-Qubrā" or "Nazm al-solūk" which is considered as one of the most important qasidahs explained in Turkish language and it is called "al-Tā’iyyah" because its verses ended with the rhyme "Tā". This poem is written by Ibn al-Fāriḍ, who is one of the most famous poets in the Arab Islamic literature. There are some other poems by Ibn al-Fāriḍ that were also explained in Turkish language such as: "al-Khamriyyah" and "al-Rā’iyyah". The first commentary was "Sharḥ al-Qaṣīdah al-Tā’iyyah" by Muḥammad Ma‘rūf al-Ṭrābzonī who lived in the 16th century. In the first part of this article, which is mainly divided into two chapters, information is given about Muḥammad Ma‘rūf's life and works. In the second one, the mentioned sharh is examined in terms of the methods, the contents and the references of "Sharḥ al-Qaṣīdah al-Tā’iyyah".
Description: Article
Date: 2019-06-30

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